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Our dedicated lawyers can help you navigate and succeed at securing your rights.

About Us


At the Dunn Law Firm, with decades of experience, we deliver top legal services. We help employees get the protections they deserve so that they can thrive in the workplace.


As seekers of justice and equanimity, we advocate for alignment and balance for all. With a passion for justice, we represent employees who are facing unfair treatment in the workplace. We understand the frustration and helplessness that mistreatment in the workplace can cause, and we know how to help you successfully enforce your rights at work. As experts, we advocate for equity and fair treatment, and we help you reach the justice you seek.

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Trusted Experienced Employment Attorneys

Employers must follow strict laws when it comes to employment issues, and when they break these laws they must be held accountable. Our experienced lawyers are experts in the law and will step in on your behalf to protect your rights from any misstep or wrongdoing on the part of the employer.


Giving sound legal advice to employees is what we are all about. We have the expertise and experience to represent employees facing discrimination, harassment, wage theft, retaliation, and other wrongdoing in the workplace. If you believe you have suffered due to your employer’s illegal actions, call our office to have your rights protected.

You may be entitled to recover compensatory damages for out-of-pocket expenses caused by the discrimination, including costs associated with emotional and mental anguish you may have suffered, costs of job search, and loss of enjoyment of life due to mental and emotional anguish. You may be entitled to recover punitive damages in cases that involve intentional discrimination based on race, color, national origin, or sex. Talk to one of our experienced attorneys. We can provide an evaluation of your situation so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

"I want to show my appreciation to Attorney Chris Dunn for helping my family through some dark times. While my rights at work we're being violated, and I was experiencing discrimination, attorney Dunn was one of the few willing to help me understand my rights and ensure that they were protected. Thank you."

- Carlos

Meet The Team

Dedicated to serving clients' legal needs

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Employment, Contract and Civil Rights Attorney

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Employment, Contract  and Civil Rights Attorney

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Contract and Civil Rights Attorney

(Of Counsel)

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Christopher Dunn, Esq. is a Connecticut licensed attorney with over twenty years of business experience before practicing employment law. Working for Fortune 100 companies. Read more

Sheldon Karasik is principal of Sheldon Karasik, P.C. a law firm he founded in 1999. The firm has offices in the U.S. and Switzerland. Mr. Karasik specializes Read more

Royce Hood has represented individuals and entities big and small. He's worked for the Thomas More Society and the Free Speech Foundation, being Read more

Cathy has been working vigorously with attorneys around the country, assisting in promoting civil rights and employee rights. Among Cathy’s many strengths and interests, Read more

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