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My job was being threatened. Attorney Dunn offered immediate and effective assistance. He helped me keep my job and stopped the threats. I couldn’t be happier with the service Attorney Dunn and his team provided.


I  was so impressed with how Attorney Dunn handled my case. He, and his staff, were responsive, dedicated and passionate about protecting my daughter's rights. The process was nerve-racking but he helped it to go smoothly, and I'm very grateful for the results.


I needed a severance, after more than twenty years working as a doctor. I was pleased with the service, as he was able to negotiate a very good package. I'm extremely satisfied and would recommend him. 


I worked in an environment where my boss was hostile and employees ganged up. Race discrimination, plain and simple. Attorney Dunn was able to negotiate a great settlement. 


I was looking for an attorney to handle my wrongful termination claim. I had tried to find one but it wasn't going well. I found Attorney Dunn and he was able to obtain a great result that allowed me to return to my job. 


I couldn't believe the horror I had been going through at work. Nothing seemed to work. I was writing letters to management. Attorney Dunn stepped in and everything changed. I'm very pleased with his services and would definitely recommend him. I hope I don't need him again, though. Once was enough. 



(203) 903-7650

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