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Religious Exemption

Religious Exemption


Vaccine mandates have defined the lives of many millions for the last couple of years. There are times when an employee seeks an exemption either for religious reasons or medical reasons and they need the assistance of an attorney to help them secure one so that they won’t lose their job. Jacobson, in 1905, wasn’t denied a livelihood when he was ordered by the court to pay a $5 fine for not taking the Smallpox vaccine. The penalty must match the crime. It’s a basic tenet of a civil society. Our firm has helped numerous individuals, whether employees or students to receive the exemption they are entitled to and rightfully deserve under the law.


You don’t need to belong to an organized or any specific religion to be eligible for a religious exemption because religion is broadly defined. Even your religion and your religious leaders do not have to oppose a vaccination because it is your own belief that forms the basis of the exemption. If you are seeking an exemption, contact our firm to find out how we can help you.

Legal Protections in the Employment Arena



If you’re seeking a religious or medical exemption, we can help you to secure one or we can help you if you’ve been denied. Perhaps, you were entitled to an accommodation. We can help by in numerous ways, including negotiating an accommodation, a severance and filing a charge with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and if necessary through a lawsuit in state or federal court.

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Contact us if you believe you believe your religious rights have been violated or have questions about your workplace rights. Please call the Dunn Law Firm directly at (203) 903-7650, or email us via

Client Review

"I was so impressed with how Attorney Dunn handled my case. He, and his staff, were responsive, dedicated and passionate about protecting my daughter's rights. The process was nerve-racking but he helped it to go smoothly, and I'm very grateful for the results."


- Eileen



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